Armadale Arena

Armadale Arena

The Armadale Arena offers options to cater for health, fitness, sport and recreation for all ages.

Qualified Instructors will assist you in achieving your goals by providing you with a complimentary health appraisal. A crèche is also available so parents can exercise knowing that their children are well looked after by an experienced team of carers.

The Armadale Arena is also home to a variety of local sporting clubs and associations and offers sports courts for hire.

Opening hours

  Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday Public Holidays
Armadale Arena 6am - 8.30pm 8am - 1pm 8 - 11am CLOSED
Crèche 9 - 11am (Monday to Thursday) 8.30 - 10.30am CLOSED CLOSED

Please note that the Crèche is closed on Fridays. 

Casual Prices

Group Fitness $16
Gym $16
Court use $5 per person

Crèche Cost

1 Child (2.5 hours) $4

Types of programs

Group Fitness

Kick start or extend your fitness journey with the Armadale Arena’s group fitness classes. The Armadale Arena offers a variety of motivating group classes to cover all your fitness needs, from resistance and cardio, to flexibility and balance. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels and our qualified Instructors will ensure that you experience fun and challenging workout.


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Armadale Arena
Armadale Arena
Armadale Arena is located on 4 Townley Street, Armadale.